Arran Robert Burns Single Island Malt Whisky

70cl/43% If ever there was an 'aperitif' malt whisky, then this is it. Without any peat used in the distilling process and no artifical colouring, this light aromatic malt is ideal for drinking, prior to or during a meal. A younger malt, in memory of Robert Burns, this beautifully packaged malt is made for easy drinking. Tasting Notes Colour: Ayrshire Sunshine Aroma: Sweet & creamy with notes of honey, toffee-glazed pecans and fresh summer fruits. Palate: A perfect combination of rich malt and lush vanilla notes forms a beautifully refreshing and smooth palate. Light and sweet at first followed by tantalising spice and oak. Finish: Clean and fresh with an aftertaste of hazelnuts and milk chocolate. A true drop of liquid poetry and the perfect dram with which to toast the Bard!