Cutty Sark Storm Blended Scotch Whisky

70cl/40% Crafted from the same top quality grain whisky as Cutty Sark Blend, Storm features a higher proportion of older single malts resulting in a fascinating blend of brooding depth and exciting complexity. Master Blender, Kirsteen Campbell, has created a profoundly rich whisky which, although bolder and deeper, is in keeping with the Cutty Sark philosophy of accessibility and versatility. Impactful older whiskies from the world’s most celebrated distilleries have been used to create a tempestuous blended Scotch whisky; between the depth of flavour of the older malts and the vibrancy of the fresher grains lies the perfect Storm. Cutty Sark Storm is the ideal platform for daring activation, whether your preference is for a Snow Storm or a Sand Storm. Tasting Note Appearance - Bright amber - with a suggestion of hidden depths Nose - Rich and exotic, fudge and tropical fruit – intriguing depth that only comes from aged malts. Palate - Sweet, ripe stone fruit, peaches and cream – layers of complexity and attractive velvet texture. Finish - Gently drying, medium to good length, spicy with undertones of oak – exuberant yet mature with perfect balance.